Christmas May Have Come Early

I don’t know how to formulate a post that covers what I’m feeling right now so I’ll just say that when I took my temperature this morning (after warring with myself for ten minutes wondering if there was even any point) I discovered this:


See??? Do you see what I did? That’s right, a HA-UGE temperature drop! Could it be? Could AF FINALLY be on her way?

Oh please-oh please-oh please!!!!

I’ve been spotting all afternoon, nothing that warrants a liner or anything, just enough to give me hope. I’m praying so hard that tomorrow will be the day that I can finally say is CD1. I am so ready for this long 51 day cycle to end I can’t even see straight. I’ve been so worried that this could turn into another eight to ten month dry spell. It looks, at least right now, that that won’t be the case.


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