Just For Me

I did something on Sunday that was just for me- and I liked it. So much that I’ve decided to keep with it. It’s nothing earth shattering mind you, and frankly something that most people do regularly.

I set a goal.

I’m going to sign up for a 5K on December 17th- a scant nine weeks away from last weekend. There. I said it and I’ve posted it online. It must be true now, right?

I’ve never actually run for more than a minute or so at a time in my life- I’ve participated in one 5K in the past- last year, but I walked the whole thing.

I honestly don’t believe that I’m going to be able to run the whole thing in December, but I’d like to better than just walking- and I think that goal is doable.

My goal is two fold: I want to follow the C25K program as closely as I can (my knees are twice my actual age) and I also want to work out in the gym on the off days. I had one of the trainers at my work (local non-profit health facility) put together a thirty minute circuit for me a few weeks ago. I tried it out on Sunday and loved it. I’ve been trying to do a full circuit plus thirty minutes on the elliptical on the days that I’m not learning how to run. The whole thing comes in at about an hour and is just about perfect for my level of fitness right now.

Here’s how this week has gone down so far:

Sunday: Full circuit plus 30 min on elliptical.

Monday: Was supposed to begin W1D1 of C25K but began spotting that day and felt weak. Decided that caution was the better part of valor and walked for 35 minutes instead. Spent most of the day hobbling about as my newly awakened muscles revolted from the day before.

Tuesday: Full circuit plus 20 minutes on elliptical. I was immensely proud of myself for this workout. It is really really hard to work out in a place that you’ve spent all day laboring in. Tuesday was especially hard as I spent the majority of the day in meetings and then getting screamed at by the public ( I handle financial stuff). Working out around people who you’re feeling less than generous about is hard- especially when they’re in MUCH better shape than you. Still, 20 on the elliptical was the best I could do, I was just too tired. I’m calling it a victory as I stood outside the doors for five minutes trying to NOT talk myself out of going in. I went in and I did it. Total victory there.

Wednesday: Off work today so decided to take advantage of the cooler temperatures and try W1D2 outside- I’m so glad I did! Honestly, about a third of the way through the program I really thought that there was no way I could do it. I’m not just saying that. My shoes are old and worn out, my feet were killing me, my body was just plain tired, and really, to be totally honest, I was just kind of OVER IT. Ya know? But I dug in and finished it and am stinkin’ proud of my out of shape self for doing it. I accomplished what I set out to do, plus a little more (as I was still not back to my house my cool down was about five minutes longer than intended). Yay me!


I’ll leave you with this picture I found on Pinterest. I’m 100% sure that I made this toddler look good towards the end of this first ‘run’.

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