Starting Fresh


AF typically lasts four days for me, with the last day being mostly spotting. When I began spotting last week it was mostly just that, but it lasted for exactly four days. I’ve decided for sanities sake to call it AF, mark my chart accordingly and move forward. I’m trying to pay closer attention to other signs of ovulation this month just to be sure that I am in fact, on a new cycle.

I’ve considered buying OPK’s but tossed that idea as we’re not actually trying to get pregnant this month. Almost every member of my family has a July birthday and frankly, I don’t want another one. We’ve also got just too much going on right now for us to think about conception. We’ll probably pick it back up next month.

Here’s my chart so far, this is cycle day 9 if your curious. I woke up this morning sick so today’s temperature isn’t being factored. I just really hope that this doesn’t throw off ovulation this month. I really need the peace of mind that comes with a new chart, ya know. I can deal with not getting pregnant with my body cooperating (for now, anyway), but I’m having a harder time dealing with it when it’s not!

In other news, this is a big, important week for our family- there is the possibility that by this time next week (give or take a day) my husband may have found a job. If you happen to be the praying sort, we’d sure appreciate the help!


I never thought I’d appreciate having a chart in the WTO side of things as much I do this one!

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