I probably should’ve updated sooner. Oops.

So I don’t know if I had a chemical or if it was a false positive but I am most definitely NOT pregnant.

And that’s okay.

A couple of days after my last post AF showed up with force. I think my body was trying to make up for the anovulatory cycle I had a couple of months ago. I’ve done nothing but spot since then so this month was nice in that I know that everything is back to working like it should.

I’m not sure if we’re going to try this month. I know that we’re losing time and that I’m not getting any younger, but our lives are very much up in the air right now and I’m not sure that getting pregnant now would be the best idea. I guess we’ll play it by ear.

J’s job is still very much up in the air, we thought that we would’ve heard something before now but I’m afraid that the slide into the holiday’s has slowed down the process. We keep praying that something will happen soon!

Anyway, here’s to another good month!


Am I, or Am I Not?


I still haven’t started y’all!!

I’ve been thinking that I’m going to start at any time because I’ve had some killer low back pain and menstrual type cramping going on. Hell, I even slept with a pad on a couple of nights ago because I was just that sure that I was going to start. I’ve taken a couple of pregnancy tests before today and they’ve all been stone cold negative.

Then today, I notice that my chart decided to not continue the fast crash that leads to AF. It actually rebounded a little. Not a lot mind you, but enough that it made me wonder what the heck is going on. You'll notice a couple of open circles on my chart for the last few days- my test time changed from 5:45 am to 7:30 am- not a huge change but enough to warrant the open circles I guess. I thought about tweaking the temperatures down by a point and a half but honestly, it was such a small difference that it hardly seemed to matter. Regardless of the tweak, the differences remain the same.

So I took another test this morning, just to convince myself that my body has just decided to be stubborn again this cycle.

Was it positive, you might be wondering?

Well. I’m wondering that too!

Grrrr! Yes, there was the faintest of second lines on the test strip, so faint that I couldn’t get a decent picture of it on my cell phone. So faint that I’m half convinced that I’m seeing things and that it’s just a fluke, a shadow, my imagination, fate playing tricks on me… you get the idea.

So am I pregnant? I have no idea. I’m afraid to think about it too much. But you can bet your sweet backside that I’ll be testing again tomorrow morning!

Here’s the grainy, fuzzy, not-really-helpful-at-all-picture that I took. Try not to laugh at my craziness, m’kay?

So what do you think? Am I totally nuts?!?


CD 28: 11 DPO

ARG! This whole process is making a crazy woman out of me!

No, we were not “trying” this month- we had decided that well in advance. Unfortunately, I was just coming off from a long anovulatory cycle so everything was kind of messed up. I ovulated on CD 17 instead of around CD 14 and inadvertently BD on the day I ovulated. I maintain that the likelihood of a BFP this month is slim, for one thing due to weird schedules and periodic illnesses J’s guys were less than fresh, know what I mean?

The problem is that even knowing all of that I’m still hoping deep down that this will be the month. I’m crazy, right? This isn’t the month! I have no symptoms that aren’t AF related, I don’t ‘feel’ pregnant, nothing I’ve seen or felt has made me think otherwise. So why can’t I stop hoping?


If I follow a typical cycle length I can expect AF on Tuesday. I know I’m crazy, I know it. And yet I’m still praying for that small chance.

In other news, I’m being considered for a Director’s position at my work and J is being heavily courted by a huge company that seems to have made up their minds to hire him. We don’t know where yet or even when, just that they want him for something. Nice and vague, huh? I know that deep down that this probably isn’t the best time for us to get pregnant. We have a lot of changes coming up in the near months, including a move.

And yet I still hold out hope.



A Sight For Sore Eyes

I don’t mind telling you that when I took my temperature this morning and was rewarded by crosshairs I did a happy dance. Smile Well, I DID have crosshairs, now their just dotted (why the change FF?) but still, after last month I’ll take it!

I’m a little concerned about how the time change is going to effect my chart- ordinarily it wouldn’t be a big thing but as I’m on the fence it could matter.


So we hauled off and accidently BD on the day I ovulated. Oops! So much for not trying this month! Still, I think the chances of our actually conceiving this month are very very slim. I guess we’ll know pretty soon one way or the other.

All fingers, toes, and eyes have been crossed for the possibility of a job. We’re in a really good position for a really great opportunity sometime in the next week so please pray hard for a good outcome for us. We really need the good news!


CD18: Update

I thought I’d pop in for a quick update. There’s not a whole lot to report; we’re not actively trying this month (and frankly, I’m still holding my breath to see if I ovulate) so there’s not too much to say.

Here’s how the ole chart is looking:


I came down with a sinus infection/ear infection around CD 9 that lasted for a few days- I think that’s why my temperatures were so weird. I’m kind of waiting to see if my temperatures keep going up. If they did than I think I can safely relax. I’m wondering if my stopping all of the supplements I had been taking had anything to do with my having an anovulatory cycle. When I began taking B6, Maca, and L-Arginine I saw my ovulation day move from CD 22 to CD 14. When I took that business trip back in September I goofed and left them back at my in-laws house. By the time I got back a week later I was out of the habit and well past the point of no return for that month.

I still haven’t began taking them again- I don’t know why. I guess I’m pouting a little over taking a month off. I know that I still need those nutrients but I’m kind of enjoying my morning coffee and lack of a pill pack- ya know?

In other news, we’re I somehow miraculously able to become pregnant I would so totally have to buy this:

baby bunny

So stinkin’ cute!!