I probably should’ve updated sooner. Oops.

So I don’t know if I had a chemical or if it was a false positive but I am most definitely NOT pregnant.

And that’s okay.

A couple of days after my last post AF showed up with force. I think my body was trying to make up for the anovulatory cycle I had a couple of months ago. I’ve done nothing but spot since then so this month was nice in that I know that everything is back to working like it should.

I’m not sure if we’re going to try this month. I know that we’re losing time and that I’m not getting any younger, but our lives are very much up in the air right now and I’m not sure that getting pregnant now would be the best idea. I guess we’ll play it by ear.

J’s job is still very much up in the air, we thought that we would’ve heard something before now but I’m afraid that the slide into the holiday’s has slowed down the process. We keep praying that something will happen soon!

Anyway, here’s to another good month!

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