CD18: Update

I thought I’d pop in for a quick update. There’s not a whole lot to report; we’re not actively trying this month (and frankly, I’m still holding my breath to see if I ovulate) so there’s not too much to say.

Here’s how the ole chart is looking:


I came down with a sinus infection/ear infection around CD 9 that lasted for a few days- I think that’s why my temperatures were so weird. I’m kind of waiting to see if my temperatures keep going up. If they did than I think I can safely relax. I’m wondering if my stopping all of the supplements I had been taking had anything to do with my having an anovulatory cycle. When I began taking B6, Maca, and L-Arginine I saw my ovulation day move from CD 22 to CD 14. When I took that business trip back in September I goofed and left them back at my in-laws house. By the time I got back a week later I was out of the habit and well past the point of no return for that month.

I still haven’t began taking them again- I don’t know why. I guess I’m pouting a little over taking a month off. I know that I still need those nutrients but I’m kind of enjoying my morning coffee and lack of a pill pack- ya know?

In other news, we’re I somehow miraculously able to become pregnant I would so totally have to buy this:

baby bunny

So stinkin’ cute!!

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