CD 20: Ugliness

Okay. So the last time I blogged my chart was looking fabulous and all was right with the world.

Last Friday my husband, son, and I all drove up to my in-laws new place to help them get settled into their new house. We stayed in a hotel on Friday and Saturday night and spent all day, both days moving and unpacking boxes. I woke up Saturday morning with a cold from hell. I was sneezing, coughing, congested, and blowing my nose every five minutes. It was NOT NICE. I stocked up on Zinc and just made the best of it. Thankfully, by Sunday I was feeling mostly human (I must have had the shortest cold in the history of the planet).

Monday I hoped in the car and drove three hours South to attend a software conference for work. They put us up in the Sheraton Hotel, my room was on the twelve floor- and can I just say how much I HATE that particular hotel chain? The rooms are sparsely furnished (really, no fridge?), the linens feel like they were made out of plastic, the duvet was some sort of polyester blend, and I must have had to walk a full half mile to get from the parking garage to my room. All in all, it was a royal pain in the neck!

But I digress. Nine meetings and two key note speakers later and it was over. I never sleep well without my husband and honestly I doubt I slept more than two or three hours each night I was away. I drove back to our home (leaving my husband and son with the in-laws an hour away) and went straight into work. By the time I got home on Wednesday, I had been going for almost twenty hours straight. I tossed and turned Wednesday night and slept in a little on Thursday before heading back into the office.

About two hours into my workday I received some difficult news about my brother. My husband, mother, and I are sharing responsibility for raising my neice and nephew. My brother and his crazy, soon to be ex-wife both have substance abuse problems that resulted in the State removing my neice and nephew and placing them with us. My brother has been clean now since last March and has been the star pupil of the state substance abuse program. Well, at least until last weekend. Apparentely, his last drug screen came back positive for cocaine. To say that this is hearbreaking would be a huge understatement. Coincidentally, the children's mother also failed her drug/alcohol test this week. We don't know what she was using though. As a result both parents have lost visiting privileges with their children for several weeks. This of course, was devastating for the children as well.

By Thursday night I was sick at heart and really missing my family. About eleven I looked at my bed (covered in laundry that needed to be folded) and made the decision to drive the two hours to be with my husband. I got back to my in-laws house (in a different time zone-an hour later) around two in the morning, took a shower, hugged my husband, and crashed. It was heavenly. Home is wherever he and our son is. I even managed to sneak a hug from my son before I crashed.

So. Needless to say, between being sick, hotel hopping, unpacking, a business trip, insane work hours, and personally upsetting news my chart is pathetic. I haven't ovulated yet and I'm not really holding out hope either. I think this month is just a throw away month- it kills me though as we had previously decided to take next month off from trying. The majority of my family have birthdays in July- including my mother and son. I just don't want another Cancer. Ya know?

So here it is. I'm keeping with the contrasting chart that I was using for comparison before.

You can really tell when the craziness started, CD 14 was the first morning I woke up in the hotel with that cold. I had initially chosen to ignore that temp, but after seeing subsequent temperatures I decided to let it stand. Until then though my chart was downright perfect.

Oh well. Everything for a reason, right?

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