A Little Bedside Humor

One of the most interesting things about the process of trying to conceive is how much it changes your personal life. My husband and I have been together for a long time (though we haven't been actually married for most of that time) so any kind of newness or shyness that we might have once had has loooonng since worn off. I think that's normal though, and frankly, welcome. I like that we're comfortable with each other- I like that we can laugh, even during times where laughter may not necessarily be expected.

Take last night for instance: We're following an abbreviated SMEP, basically we're trying to BD on the days that the plan recommends, but we're skipping the ovulation testing and using only BBT, CM, and CP to determine ovulation. This is a good compromise for us and one that we can both live with. The only thing is that it does require that we BD more than we typically would. I know that's sad, but honestly, with everything that we have going on right now it's just the cold, hard, truth.

We tease each other about 'taking one for the team' on the nights that we really don't want to BD but go through the motions anyway because it's the right time to. Don't get me wrong, it's still a helluva lot of fun, but the kind of fun that I could be equally happy postponing. Know what I mean?

So anyway, last night was one of those nights. Poor J has been battling killer allergies on top of a head cold for the last few days and really was just not in the mood. Honestly, I really wasn't expecting him to be able to finish- we're not eighteen anymore and he was really having to work a little harder at it than I think he wanted to (or typically needs to). We have an understanding that we're not going to stress out about it, if it happens, great- if not, well, there's always tomorrow. Thankfully, it doesn't stress his ego out or anything and it certainly doesn't hurt my feelings any either.

So after almost giving up he decides that he wants to try and finish. I'm thinking (I'm ashamed to admit) "whatever, lets just get on with this and get to bed". So he gets back to work and right as he is finishing up, like right then, we hear Etta James' voice come over the radio singing 'At Last' (can you hear her voice in your head?). I probably undid most of his hard work because I totally busted out laughing. I could not get control of myself. J was doubled over next to me hyperventilating he was laughing so hard- it seriously was just one of those moments, ya know?

I didn't bother laying back with my feet in the air, there hardly seemed any point after all of the laughing I did, but man o man, if a child was created out of that moment, I'm glad I'll always have something wonderful to remember it by!

Anyway, here's today's chart with that adjusted June overlay. It's still following the same pattern- which is cool because it really helps give me a good idea when I can expect to ovulate.

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