CD 8: Getting Crazy

Since May when I began charting (half way through my cycle) I've noticed that I have been moving more and more towards a more typical ovulation day. In May I didn't ovulate until around day 20(something), in June it was a few days earlier, July was anovulatory, and August was on CD 15 (yay!). Despite what my chart indicates, I think that it's likely that I'll probably ovulate around CD 14 - CD-16 this month. I'm planning on the earlier ovulation date. I believe strongly that this progress is due to several factors, the least of which not being the fact that I have completely gotten away from caffeine (booya!). Additionally I have added into my diet supplements like Maca, L-Arginine, B6, B12, and a few other things. All in all, while I have not yet gotten pregnant I do think I've taken major steps toward living a lot more healthily. Those are all good things.

I've also gotten a lot more in tune with my body- and that's not something that I'm entirely sure is a good thing. Take today for example: I've been having these really weird twingy like pains right about where I would expect my right ovary to be. Strange because I'm still a solid five days (at minimum!) away from ovulation. I'll sometimes feel it when I ovulate and this does feel somewhat similar, but it's different. This is almost like when you're running and you get a side stitch- only in a different place.

Before this recent newfound intunement? Eh, I'm just getting old.

Now? Shoot! Am I getting ready to ovulate super early this month? Maybe I should go out and get some of those ovulation predictor kits. We just BD’d last night, I wonder what my chances are of convincing J to give it a go again…

See what I mean?


And another thing, what’s the deal with keeping track of when you BD? I’ve never really cared overly much until now. I mean, I’d note it on my personal calendar *just in case* but always marked it on whatever day it was when I got up that morning. If it was after midnight but before I went to sleep, I still counted it as the same day. Now? Hell, now the desire to be precise is overwhelming! I know deep down that it doesn’t matter one shred what I mark on my calendar, but the knowledge that I’m following something makes me feel better.It gives me a measure of control over something that it otherwise out of my control.

So last night when I marked my calendar before going to bed I indicated our BD on Sunday (as it was after 2am)- and I’ve been driving myself crazy with it ever since. If we’re supposed to start BDing on CD 8 (today) , should I count that BD or not? Does two hours into CD 8 count or should we try again tonight and count that?

ARGH!Like it matters!!!

I know where this craziness comes from. I’m competitive- I always have been. J’s sister is pregnant and now I want more than ever to be pregnant at the same time. He has a large Scots/Irish/Catholic family and has a couple of cousins that he grew up with very close in age. He would love it if we could have the same set up- even if we do live on opposite sides of the country. Incidentally, my family is Italian and between us, I’m pretty sure that we’re responsible for half the population of this side of the country. One would think that I could get knocked up easily!

I know that I’m crazy right now- really, just back away and I promise to be better in a little while.

You know, as soon as I get pregnant!

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