CD 2: Impatient

It's probably a bad sign that it's only CD 2 and I'm already getting impatient to ovulate. I need to be better about remembering to slow down and to try and enjoy this process. I don't want to spend my life wishing that it were always two weeks later!

Today has been a rather frustrating day in that I received word that I'll be taking a business trip on September 12 – 15. I’m only traveling about an hour and a half away from where I live but it’s to a Conference that frankly, I could do without attending. Not to mention that it could possibly interfere with our BD plans. Right now I’m guessing that I’m going to Ovulate sometime around September 10 – 12. That’s the hope anyway. I guess I could drag J down there with me purely for the purpose of keeping to our schedule, but frankly, that’ll be hard to explain to my colleagues. LOL

One thing that I did last cycle that I plan to continue is to stay as far away from caffeine as I can. Honestly I know that the data on caffeine is pretty divided, most physicians seem to agree that a little won’t hurt your chances to conceive. Still, I hate the idea of being a slave to something- and a slave I really was. It wasn’t like a lived on coffee or anything- I had my morning cut (or two) and then usually a Diet something or other in the afternoon, followed by another Diet something or other around dinner time. Still, I found that if I skipped one of those drinks I’d get a headache from hell. I quit smoking six years ago and promised myself that I’d never allow myself to be held hostage by anything like that again.

Another thing J and I have been doing (for about a year now) is trying to eat as “clean” as we can. The Clean eating movement is something that has evolved into something trendy. For us it just made sense. I could go into a long, drawn out explanation of why we went in this direction, but I’ll spare you the flow charts and just say that it works for us. We try and eat as close to the earth as we can, avoiding as many processed and artificial foods as we can. Since adopting this lifestyle we’ve lost weight and feel better than we ever have before. I don’t know if eating this way will aid in our conception chances but I figure that it couldn’t hurt.

We’ve also been trying to adopt walking every morning into our routine. Some mornings are better than others. This morning we managed about two miles before I had to go to work.

Whether or not I get pregnant next month or six months from now I feel good knowing that I’m doing everything that I can to be physically ready. Now if I could just lose those pesky forty pounds I put on when I quit smoking and adopted this healthier lifestyle!

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