CD 26: 11 DPO

I think there's got to be a certain group in hell that must enjoy watching a woman who is trying to conceive survive the two week wait during allergy season. Playing the waiting game (waiting to ovulate/waiting to test) is never fun, but during allergy season it takes on additional depth.

Right now Goldenrod and Ragweed are in full bloom where I live. And while I'm not typically prone to heavy allergies there are always a few days when they first bloom that I find myself congested, tired, and generally out of sorts.

Sound familiar?

It's just dumb luck that I seem to be experiencing these symptoms during the two week wait. I have, no kidding, felt like crap for the last several days. I've been constantly queasy, my head has been hurting, I've been bitchy, emotional, and just plain ill. I wake up congested and am ready to take a nap by lunchtime. It's not even 9pm here and I've already showered, grabbed the laptop and am in bed. Fully intending on turning out the lights soon. It's having PMS on steroids and I'm about over it!

Could I be pregnant? Yeah, I guess it's still a possibility- although my temperatures tanked this morning so I'm not feeling overly hopeful at this point. If they follow suit with past months I'll have a small rebound in the morning followed by two more declining temps before AF arrives on Sunday. Yippee.

I'm really regretting now not pushing my new OB to begin treatment now instead of having us wait to see the RE in November. I guess in the grand scheme of things we really haven't been at this for very long (only really since May) but given the fact that my O date and luteal lengths have changed so much each month I think it might be a good idea to go ahead and address it now.

This chart indicates that I had a regular cycle in July- I disagree. I'm 99.9% sure it was anovulatory. As you can see, I'm all over the place as to when I ovulate and how long my luteal length is.

At the time of my visit what the doctor said made sense. She didn't want to begin any testing or treatment because the RE would just be doing it all over again. Apparently because of my age (35) she automatically refers her patients to a RE after six months. Our November appointment puts us at that six month mark. A thought that both terrifies me and reassures me.

Here's today's chart.

Now if you'll excuse me I think I need to find a puppy to kick or something.

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  1. Hey it's all good as long as you're not kicking kittens ;)

    Sorry about your shitty allergies. As if there aren't enough uncontrollable external factors in our lives!