The One Where I Go Stark Raving Insane

So here's today's chart. It stayed the same.

It NEVER stays the same. It ALWAYS goes back down. Always.

Except today- it didn't. It stayed the same.

I've had pre-menstrual type cramps on and off for the past week. Like real cramps only light. Does that make sense? It's weird because I never cramp before I start- usually just the day of.

Did I mention that I took another pregnancy test this morning? It came back negative. I took a second test, this time a FRER when I got home this afternoon (8 hours from the first one) and it too came back negative. So now I don't know what to think.

I guess on Sunday if I don't start then I'll call the doctor on Monday and request a blood test. But seriously, as sensitive as these tests are you'd think if I WERE pregnant that one of them would have thought so!

I'm trying to console myself with believing that maybe the tip I had on CD 11 was an implantation dip and that there just isn't enough hCG in my body yet to show up.

Yeah right. I don't really believe it either.

I got twenty on my temps tanking tomorrow morning.

Sigh. Grrrr!

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