CD 27: 12 DPO

I'm not sure how but I managed to hold off on testing this morning. I have one test left and I figured I'd wait to use it until at least tomorrow. Once my temperature dips and recovers somewhat, it has never gone up or stayed the same after that. It has always gone back down. You know, always as in two months.

Anyway! If I get up tomorrow to find that it has risen or stayed the same then I'll definitely test. If it has gone down some more than I'll probably not test again until after AF is due on Sunday.

In other news, I have had the WORST headache today. I actually woke up with it around 4:15 this morning and have been dealing with it in varying degrees ever since. I'm reluctant to take anything for it on the off chance that I AM pregnant. Fun times for all.

I just took my temperature a few minutes ago (because I like to take it over the course of the day to see how it is reflected in the next mornings reading. It was 99.2. As in low grade fever.

So is it elevated because I'm getting sick and just don't realize it yet. Or because I've got a headache. Or because I'm pregnant.

Who the hell knows. One way or the other I'll know for sure by next week, right?

At this point I'm honestly thinking probably not gonna be pregnant. I've got some mild AF type cramping going on (though it's weird to be feeling it this early) and I'm packing some killer PMS too boot.

I'm basically just a walking ray of sunshine right now. HA! My poor long suffering patient husband. There are days that I truly don't deserve him.


  1. Your chart looks Uh-MAZ-ing!! Everything crossed tight that this is the start of your BFP!! I can't belive you've held out this long to test...I caved today at 9DPO. WIth your chart I'd be peeing on everything, lol. Good luck!!! And thanks so much for all of your supportive comments on my blog...they've really meant the world to me :-)

  2. LOL! Thanks! It's not looking good right now though, I keep getting these stupid negative test results. It's SO frustrating!

  3. Maybe you're a late implanter? There was just a girl on FF who got her BFP on day 15 DPO!!